Why Write Poetry?

I employ the structure of poetry because it helps in the distillation process. So much of my writing is about coming to terms with something — a complex event, an unsettled state of being, or asking a question for which I have no answer. It can be hard to get to the essence of thoughts, feelings, doubts. But, somehow I can get there — or at least get closer — by creating a boundary of sorts, a vessel to help contain the energy lest it dissipate or overwhelm. That’s the value of utilizing specific poetic forms, like a sonnet, a haiku, and so on. Strange as it may sound, that requisite discipline can be liberating. Working within a rigid structure often helps me accept and even celebrate the insecurity arising from uncertainty, and the equivocal nature of everything.

— From an interview with Linda Collison. Click here to read the entire interview.

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