Poetry Book

Stretching Silver Through Blue Haze is a way of seeing, of observing, of remembering . . . Bare, unapologetic, startling . . . His writing reveals an inner tension, a coupling of desire and regret, a landscape of longing.” Linda Collison, Author

Gregory’s poetry is enjoyable because it is so accessible. He’s not one of those tortured poets, but a person who shares what he sees and feels cleanly . . . he’s a man in love, plus an observer of nature and people.” Joan Livingston, “Taos News”

“Here’s a poet using his compelling artistry to share intimate thoughts, passions, and life experiences with his best friends.” Graydon Dee Hubbard, Author

Stretching Silver through Blue Haze is a mesmerizing co-creation of poetry and photography by a husband and wife team committed to an unflinching, unapologetic exploration of intimate relationship . . . An exploration that is as raw and provocative as it is strangely peaceful, and deeply relatable . . . You can pick this book up at any time, turn to any page, and be transcended.” Cheryl Cecchetto, Sequoia Productions